Sober Living for Women

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To provide structured and affordable housing for women in recovery from substance abuse. Guidance and resources will be offered to residents to help reach goals and live a meaningful life in sobriety. We welcome children too!

We heal lives!

Our first home will open January 2021 with hopes to open two homes in January. It takes a lot to furnish a home top to bottom and turn a house into a cozy home. We are still in need of help with - Food, furniture, Tv’s, beds, bedding, towels, kitchen items, decor, small balcony furniture, books, etc. Gifting in the form of money is also extremely needed for rent and testing. Please contact me directly or kindly gift below through PayPal.

Stay in contact with us - We are in the process of incorporating as nonprofit 501c3. Once we are incorporated, your donations will be tax deductible.


Not only will Gifts Of Grace Sober Living provide housing, we are going above and beyond that! Our vision is GIGANTIC! We will be working towards opening recovery treatment centers to provide outpatient services. More information to come!

🌸 Please reach out if we can be of any help 🌸


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